Dr Ileana Long
The Natural H ealth Surgery
79 Woodhouse Road,
Wheatley, Doncaster,

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Dr. Ileana Long: MD(MA); D.Ac; ICNHS; M.C.A.S (The Chinese Academy of Science); A.T.C.M; F.R.C.P (M.A.): BCMA; DIPHE (Sheffield Hallam University) – Registered of NHS and Primary Health Care Trust; British Complementary Medical Practitioner (Licensed);
Dr. Ileana Long of the Natural Health Surgery provides alternative medicine therapy and treatment for a wide range of ailments in a warm, relaxing environment
at her home surgery near the Doncaster Royal Infirmary

















Ileana Long has many years experience in Orthodox Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine. After many years training in Romania, Sri Lanka – Colombo, China and United Kingdom, she gained Doctorates in Acupuncture and other therapies.

She specializes as a practitioner therapist in the application of Complementary and Alternative Medicine here in the UK. Over many years she has completed many courses, comprising Diplomas in many aspects of Complementary and Alternative Medicine including Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Homoeopathy, Sports Injury therapy, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, and other therapies.
Also, she completed a three year course at Sheffield Hallam University and was awarded the DIPHE - having followed an approved programme in Applied Health Promotion at an NHS Primary Care Trust, awarded by Chancellor Robert Winston, one of the country’s best-known scientists.
Among other qualifications, she has a degree diploma (MIFR) followed Register of the Royal Complementary Practitioners.
She has an established practice in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, where she has endeavoured to create a very relaxing atmosphere. Many patients come to her for various treatments from all over the UK. Her role also involves her working in the community with patients who have different stages and kinds of illnesses.
She provides different therapies, support and information for the patient’s recovery. Her role is that of a service practitioner in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, as therapist developer and facilitator, and whilst it is accepted that these do overlap each other each aspect requires a separate professional focus.
This role is continually changing and developing providing many challenges and achievements along the way and she intends to demonstrate her abilities in the field of Health Promotion.
aroma therapy session Shiatsu massage in a relaxing atmosphere