Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy.
The energy around us and within us.
Reiki is a way of channelling energy by the laying on of hands, and can be learnt by anyone who desires to use this energy in their lives.
Reiki is neither a religion nor a belief system, but it can open the way to new depths of spiritual experience.

Reiki is a vehicle to channel love "the most powerful healer". It opens the mind and the spirit to the causes of disease and pain and reinforces the body's ability to heal itself. It supports and enhances all medical and complementary treatments and can be used effectively be medical and paramedical professionals.

Reiki is a simple and powerful process. The channelled energy flows to wherever it is needed in the body: stress is released; there is a deep relaxation and a feeling of profound well-being for the receiver and the practitioner.

The Usui system of Reiki evolved from the experience and dedication of Mikao Usui, a Professor of Theology who lived in Japan in the last century. Through extensive travels, research, and meditation he developed a healing system based on ancient teachings in Sanskrit and spent the rest of life practising and teaching Reiki
The Usui system continues to be taught by Reiki Masters who are trained in the original traditions.